2025 Lexus RZ.

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Lexus has made a few small changes to the Lexus RZ EV for the 2024 model year. They also added a new FWD version called the 300e.

The new FWD 300e uses a 72.8 kWh battery, and of course, it does get a longer range, which is now 266 miles when equipped with the standard 18-inch wheels. But only 224 miles with the larger 20-inch wheels, which is pretty terrible. The AWD version is still rated at just 220 miles with the smaller wheels and 196 miles with the 20-inch wheels. Again, pretty terrible for 2024.

The only other changes seem to be the addition of a Copper Crest color option, and standard dual voltage charging for 120V and 240V outlets.

I saw the new Lexus RZ in person and it looks pretty nice inside and out, especially with the great Palomino interior. It seems much nicer than the Toyota bZ4 X as it should be. But a maximum of 266 miles with 18-inch wheels is just not that great for the price. Sure, the base FWD Tesla Model Y is also rated at 260 miles, but it is much more reliable and convenient to charge on a trip thanks to the Tesla infrastructure.

At over $ 55,000 to start, the Lexus RZ 300e is also much more expensive than the $ 44,000 FWD Model Y. Especially when you realize the Tesla is loaded with a glass roof, a 14-speaker sound system, and almost everything else. The upcoming revised “Juniper” version of the Model Y will even include ventilated seats, a rear screen, and an even better 17-speaker sound system, all standard.

A similarly equipped RZ FWD Luxury with options would be almost $ 20,000 more. Otherwise, the Lexus will probably be cheaper than the upcoming Acura ZDX. And we’ll have to wait until next year to find out more about the new Cadillac Optiq.

I guess this is for the Lexus fans or current owners who would like to switch to something electric. But also something very comfortable and reliable.

If you don’t need a long-range, this is probably a fine choice. And currently, Lexus offers a $ 15,000 lease cash offer on the 2023 RZ 450e.

This is what the smaller 18-inch wheels look like on the RZ 450e.

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  1. Toyota’s been blowing its horn a lot lately about its electric vehicles. hmmmm… this look like as big a failure as the BZ4x, Solterra.

  2. Raising the price of the ‘24 450e is surprising given that they’ve resorted to $15k lease incentives to move the 2023 model.

    However, Toyota didn’t bet the farm on EVs, and now they look like the smartest one in the room (right Ford?). Luck or strategy? Who knows.

  3. Toyota/Lexus is spinning its wheels on electric vehicles until their solid state batteries are ready. Until then, their electric lineup is just for show.

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