2026 Cadillac XT6.

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The current-generation Cadillac XT-6 was introduced back in January 2019. Not ancient by any means, but it never looked modern, even in 2019. Over 4 years later, it just looks invisible and it seems not to be in many buyer’s minds. Sales are currently slightly over 20,000 a year. Not a super popular choice and it never was…

There is no word of a new generation coming soon. But as we know, a new XT-5 has been designed and mostly developed for the Chinese market, and GM is thinking of maybe selling it in North America as well. The XT-5 is a popular model for Cadillac in China where sale numbers are about twice what they are in the US. This is not the case with the XT-6, which is about as unpopular in China as it is over here.

However, that lumpy and sad design does nothing to help.

I think a better, more attractive, and luxurious new generation XT-6 could be much more popular, in both markets. Although a new XT-5 is a real possibility, a new XT-6 might stay an illustration.

At least for now…

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  1. You do know none of Cadillac’s vehicles have hyphens in their name right? It’s XT5 and XT6, not XT-5…

  2. I do not like Crossovers, or SUVs ( later if needed) , but this is a beautiful one !
    Will GM allow Americans to have it ?
    If they had any senses left , they would!

  3. This is pretty stunning. Here’s my beef with Cadillac. I just did a build and price of a new XT4. In order to get radar cruise control, I had to get the highest trim level AND THEN add on a technology package. A base Corolla comes standard with radar cruise control. GM needs to start adding their safety suites as standard like many others do.

  4. So we’ll see an all new XT6 ? I thought we were getting a refresh in 2025? This is obviously a sketch, its beautiful!

  5. I would like to know why my 2020 fully loaded Ct6v airbags did not work in an accident and we came within inches of being killed.

  6. GM It’s owned by those in Japan, as well as Chrysler, is owned by others Outside of USA, only Ford is owned by those of USA. You know why the price of the cars/suvs you like goes overseas.

  7. Vince, Viney, Vin… so I was just watching Ghost Whisperer which ended in 2010 so ya 13 years is a long time. What it did remind me of though, was that out of the original quadruplets (Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave), I liked the Saturn Outlook the best. It had a bigger and more commanding presence. That front in was larger & more in your face bold.

    Of course that went away when they killed Saturn :’( and I guess the XT6 took its place, with no design or thought process at all.

    Anyways, I was on the Buick website, the Enclave is unchanged completely, with old Buick emblem as well as interior. ANY WORD on the ENCLAVE getting updated like the Traverse or Acadia?

    This is a nice Cadillac if it happens, IF!

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