2026 Chrysler Pacifica.

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2026 Chrysler Pacifica illustration.

It looks like the current generation Chrysler Pacifica minivan will stick around for a few more years.

Chryserl’s CEO, Christine Feuell recently mentioned a “more than moderate refresh” and “pretty significant” coming up for the aging Minivan. Which could mean anything from a significant mid-cycle facelift with a new front end and interior to even revised side body panels. Or even a new design on the existing platform like the 2023 Honda Accord. At least it won’t be a fake new generation like the 2025 Camry.

The current Chrysler Pacifica came out in 2016 and already got a facelift with a new face (that looked older than the previous one) in 2021. Chrysler’s CEO mentioned the revised Pacifica will come out after their first EV, which is scheduled to start production in 2025. that means it could be up to 2 years before we see the changes. By then the Pacific will be almost 10 years old. In 2 years, there will also be many more EVs on the road. Part of the changes should at least include a larger battery or the PHEV model as standard.

I was really hoping to see an STLA-based Pacifica in a couple of years. Keeping the current model for at least 4 years will push back a true next-generation pretty far. That “refresh” has better be very extensive if it’s supposed to keep the current Paciicia alive for another 4 years or more.

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  1. As the owner of 7 Chrysler minivans over the years, my only gripe is that the premium model is so far behind most vehicles in the 50k+ range. We went from a 2-minivan family to a 2-suv family ( Loncoln & a Lexus) ONLY to get HUD & massage seats!

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