2026 Lexus UX.

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2026 Lexus UX illustration.

Yes I know, we just saw the revised 2025 Lexus UX.

But the 2025 model has barely changed. Its reason to be is to use the same updated powertrain as the 2023 Prius and the new European Toyota C-HR. The only other change seems to be the shifter inside. Which again, is the same as the Prius and new C-HR.

The Lexus UX came out in 2019, and it’s really not too crazy to expect a new generation for the 2026 model year. On top of the standard hybrid model. Lexus could even by then offer a PHEV version.

Although it seems logical to see a 2nd generation, I am not sure it will be coming to the US. Since the small UX has not been popular. Lexus only sold 10,237 of them last year. Down from 17,581 in 2021. These are pretty terrible numbers. However, its competition from BMW, the X1, doesn’t seem to be that much popular with 18,255 sold in 2021. And 12,902 so far in 2023.

The small luxury SUV is still a very small market in the US. Where for over $35,000, most buyers would rather have a larger and almost loaded Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV-4. Or any of their larger competition. On top of that, the Lexus UX always looked weird and its interior isn’t that premium to begin with. I am a bit surprised by the BMW X1‘s low numbers since it does look a feel much more premium than the Lexus UX.

Surprisingly enough, the Lexus UX isn’t doing better in Europe with only 10,963 sold in Europe so far this year. Although X1 European sales for 2022 were over 67,000 units, crushing the UX really bad. It seems Lexus has bigger hopes for the even smaller (and much cuter) new LBX in Europe.

I wonder if that’s it for the UX. Maybe the illustration above will just be that. An illustration of a 2nd generation Lexus UX that never was…

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  1. The UX doesn’t sell because it’s ugly and has a Toyota interior with a Lexus price tag. Bad combination. I doubt they’ll spend the money on an all-new one, unless it’s an electric version. But that won’t happen until their solid state batteries are ready for prime time, if at all.

  2. 2023 Lexus UX 250h is a beautiful fantastic car. Beautiful quality interior. Gorgeous exterior looks. Feature rich. Handles like a sports crossover with lots of power. Car is underrated. It’s a top performer

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