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Mazda CX-80
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Mazda is spending a lot of money making sure Europe and Asia are not getting the same models as North America.

First, we saw the new Mazda CX-60 a few months ago. A new 5-seater that somehow isn’t really replacing the current CX-5. (I guess since the CX-50 isn’t sold in Europe, the CX-60 is the European step up from the old CX-5). The US version of the CX-60 will be called the CX-70, and despite what Mazda says, it won’t be very different from the European model, including the exact same interior. And it will still not replace the CX-5 since a new one is rumored to be planned. Which will give Mazda 3 5-seater SUVs of about the same size in the US and Canada.

We recently saw the new 3-row CX-90, which looks a lot better than the CX-60. At least from a profile view, since they both share the same ghastly-looking front end. Now we are seeing spy shots (top photo) of the upcoming 3-row model for Europe, the CX-70. Which does seem a bit shorter than our CX-90, but not by much. The difference could also be due to the lens used to take the spy photo.

While the CX-90 has been getting fine reviews in the US (at least the 6-cylinder version) it hasn’t been praised for its 3-row roominess. Most reviewers seem to think it’s a little tight back there compared to most of its competition. Something even shorter would make the 3rw row seat pretty unusable for anything but small children.

I guess the European and Asian markets might be OK with a smaller-row SUV. Then again, why offer one in the first place?

As for the CX-60, it is in my opinion, one of the worst-looking new designs around. It already seems old with odd-looking proportions. Let’s hope our CX-70 looks a bit better. Although I am really not sure what kind of a market Mazda is after with yet another 5-seater SUV above the CX-5 and CX-50. Especially with a new CX-5 in the works.

Both the CX-70 and CX-80 are due next year.

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  1. I thought I’d seen something saying that the biggest difference between the Euro/Asian models and the NA models would be in width, since Europe and Japan/Asia often have thinner roads. A quick Google of the CX90 v CX60 body width is 78.5in v. 74.4in. It’ll be interesting to see if those dimensions remain for each respective continent when the CX70 and CX80 arrive.

  2. The CX-90 PHEV is absolute junk. The hybrid systems are failing with no known fix. I’m sure the 6 cylinder is fine, but they should have modified a system from Toyota instead of putting out this failure on their own.

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