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I just found these old photos of 2 really cool and modern minivan concepts. The Dodge Epic from 1992 and the Chevrolet Blazer XT-1 from 1987. These two look surprisingly futuristic for something from the 1980’s and early 1990’s. While future generations of the Dodge/Chrysler Minivans ended up looking like they were slightly influenced by the Epic concept, they never looked that modern. It’s now been over 30 years and the Chrysler Pacifica still doesn’t look that stylish.

The Chevrolet Blazer XT-1 concept also looks pretty great. The truck-like front end gives the futuristic design a great and unique personality. And it would still look good and modern today!

The only actual products that came close to these concepts were the Toyota revia and the Pontiac Trans Sport. (Although the original Pontiac concept did look so much better). At least they were trying. And with maybe even more modern-looking second generations, the future looked bright indeed. But instead, the next-generation GM minivans became boring vans they had to share with Opel in Europe. And the Toyota Previa became the Sienna, which is currently an indescribable visual mess. No one here is selling a really modern-looking minivan anymore…

Where are the truly modern 21st Century Minivans?

In China, that’s where they are. It seems there is a huge appetite for not only minivans but very modern and futuristic ones. It looks like local manufacturers are competing to see who can come up with the most futuristic shape. Which can end up in a really cool design, or something a bit more disturbing. But again, at least they are trying.

Even non-Chinese brands like Hyundai are trying with the Staria. And even GM with the Buick GL8.

There is hope for next year with the wonderful 2025 VW ID. Buzz electric minivan. It looks fantastic and I really hope it turns out to be a success. Like the old Toyota Previa, I feel the ID. Buzz could appeal to people who don’t even need a minivan. It just looks great and has a wonderful magical personality that makes you want one…

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