Toyota Crown Sport Type PHEV.

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Toyota just unveiled a new PHEV version of the Crown Sport Type in Japan.

The Sport Type is shorter and sportier than our new Crown Signia. by almost 10 inches. And is about 5 inches longer than a RAV-4. While the Crown Sport is not currently planned for the US, Toyota’s hunger for new SUVs is never-ending and who knows, it could end up over here. The 15-inch gap between the RAV-4 and Crown Signia might have to be filled with yet another new model after all…

The powertrain is familiar one with the usual 2.5 Liter Hybrid eAWD Toyota system. The larger battery adds a very useful 56 miles of range. Which could translate to about 45 miles EPA. This is basically a sportier and plushier RAV-4 Prime.

The interior seems to be the same as our Crown Signia. At least the dashboard with its ghastly gold trim. The PHEV version comes standard with sports seats with red stitching that “enhance the thrill of driving”. (Let’s hope so). The 21-inch wheels on the PHEV model are of course black since Toyota needs to make their sporty intentions more obvious. The PHEV also comes with a “Vehicle to Home” system which allows the electricity stored in the car battery to be supplied to the home.

The Crown Sport PHEV also comes with both a BEV external power supply mode, which enables electricity stored in the battery to be used to supply external power for outdoor, leisure, and other activities, and an HEV external power supply mode, which enables the car to be used as a power supply during blackouts, disasters, and other emergencies.

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  1. Since the top of the line Rav4 Prime starts at $47K, this would probably start close to $50K for a base model in the US, which is NX350h Lexus territory. Not sure Toyota would risk stealing sales from the it’s Lexus brand.

  2. I wonder if this would be rebadged as the next-gen Venza. I don’t see many but like you said Vince, Toyota is SUV crazy.

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