Volvo ES 90 EV.

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We’ve already had confirmation from Volvo about an all-new ES90 sedan EV scheduled to come out next year.

We even know it will be sold in Europe and probably North America as well by 2025. And that Volvo has apparently already built one production (or pre-production) model, internally called the V551 model.

As expected, the new sedan will share its platform with the new Volvo EX90 SUV, and probably a to more, like most of its interior.

The illustrations above seem to show the obvious, a large sedan with plenty of Volvo EX90 design cues. Which is OK, but I would hope for a bit more. maybe something more like the previous illustration of the Volvo ES90 I published a few days ago. Just something that isn’t a straight sedan version of the SUV. So far, Volvo has been coming up with great designs, so there is hope. Various publications have mentioned the new ES90 EV to compete against the BMW i5 and Mercedes EQE. That means around $ 75,000. Not cheap, and also competes with the Tesla Model S and Lucid Air.

Let’s hope the final product looks more interesting that what we see here…

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  1. It already looks better than any BMW BEV. I really like what Volvo/Polestar is doing with their EV designs.

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