2025 Volvo ES90.

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2025 Volvo ES90 illustration.

This is quite a surprise to see an announcement, and photo, from Volvo, mentioning an all-new ES90 electric sedan. The weirdest part is announcing that have actually built one. Just one.

Apparently, the Chinese factory has already built some pre-production models of the car, code-named “V551”, which is something we had never heard of until today. The new sedan is a bit larger than the current Volvo S90. It’s about an inch and a half longer, over 2 inches wider than the S90. Its wheelbase is over 6 inches longer. The new car is based on the same platform as the new Volvo EX90 minivan, which makes sense. It uses a 111kWh battery for a range of over 375 miles in the Chinese test cycle.

The new ES90 sedan will come to the European market in 2025. The rumor also mentioned the EM90 Minivan would hit Europe at around the same time.

In an interesting twist, the ES90 sedan is also rumored to be sold in North America in 2025. Production for the Chinese market could start in May 2024.

A big sedan seems a bit of an odd choice for the US market since the current S90 has been less than popular over here. It sold only about 1900 units in the US so far this year. Its best year was 2017 with over 11,000 sold. I guess they figured it would compete here against the new BMW i5, Mercedes EQE, and Lucid Air. As well as the good old Tesla Model S. No matter what, they might be able to sell more of the new EV sedan than 1900 a year. And it will surely look much better than the BMW and Mercedes.

his is all quite interesting. I thought we would soon see a smaller Volvo EV sedan based on the new Zeekr 007, but instead, we have news from an electric S90 replacement. (The illustration above shows what a new large electric Volvo sedan might look like).

At least, not another SUV. Now, how about a cool ES90 wagon

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  1. Volvo is dead. Every last one of their vehicles will be Chinese built in the coming years. No thanks. I own enough other Chinese made products, that there is no chance in hell I will buy a Chinese made car.

  2. When I was growing up, Volvo was an odd car with a rock solid cold weather capability reputation. Very much like the space Subaru owns right now. Then, they tried to become a Swedish Mercedes. That failed. Now their current electrificiation push just seems to be missing something stylistically and culturally. Its not Swedish anymore. And everyone I’ve ever known thats owned a modern Volvo has had electrical issues. So why would anyone here buy an electric Volvo?

  3. I know what you mean….

    I feel the same way about VW, except it is still German. But decades of well known electrical and electronic problems. Now making electric cars…

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