VW ID.2all SUV.

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VW just released a teaser for a new future EV SUV. I guess this is the production version of the ID.2all Concept we saw a few months ago. Except as an “SUV”. The second photo shows the original ID.2all concept, while the bottom pic is an illustration based on the new teaser.

VW had mentioned earlier the production version would cost under 25,000 Euros and would have a range of up to 280 miles in the European test cycle. The new ID.2all would be part of 10 new VW EVs by 2026.

The C-pillar in the teaser looks different from the regular hatchback concept. The slats look a bit like the VW. ID Buzz. This means it could be a slightly raised-up, more off-road-looking version of the concept. It also could mean a version sold in North America, instead of the regular hatchback model. However knowing VW, it is probably never going to happen. They won’t even sell the smaller version of the ID. Buzz over here…

The ID.2all concept was quite small at 167 inches long. But that’s only 6.5 inches shorter than the new Volvo EX30. The SUV version of the ID.2all would probably also be a few inches longer. The Nissan Kicks is also just a couple of inches longer than the VW Concept. And the VW is actually 4 inches longer than the Chevrolet Bolt. Something that size wouldn’t be odd or unseen in the US. At around $ 25,000, it could also be a very attractive choice for people looking for a practical (4 doors), inexpensive, and cute little EV.

But again, it’s VW. And they’ve proven time and time again how they still do not understand the US market. Instead, they’ll be pushing their new Scout over here.

The ID.2all is not around the corner, since it is due for 2026. And so is the Scout…

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