2024 Acura ZDX: D.O.A.

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Acura just released pricing on the new Acura ZDX EV, and will probably just kill any chance it has to compete…

This is really too bad.

I saw the ZDX at the Los Angeles Auto Show a few months ago and was actually pleasantly surprised by the new EV, although I did notice the interior was pretty plain for a luxury brand. That “plain” interior is just “bad” at over $ 65,000, but pretty terrible at $ 75,000. What were they thinking?

The interior is just fine but didn’t seem any nicer than the cheaper Honda Prologue sitting just a few feet away. New Tesla interiors have also been improved a great deal, and I cannot imagine the new ZDX competing against the much cheaper revised Tesla Model Y that’s coming in just a few months. And let’s not forget the Acura’s platform cousin, the Cadillac Lyriq, which is currently ramping production very quickly, starting at $ 58,500! And that interior does look and feel great. (GM is even currently offering discounts of $7500!)

I am not sure how much the Honda Prologue will be, but at this price, the Acura ZDX has no chance. It seems only a few eccentric minds who really want something very different will be interested. Which sounds strangely familiar to the first-generation ZDX…

All I can say is: good luck.

Here is a short video witnessing my interaction with the new Acura ZDX at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show…

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  1. Let me just say, there is NO Acura and I mean NO Acura outside of the NSX that I would pay $60K+ for let alone $75K. Even at the $150K price point the NSX is too expensive especially when you are competing against the R8, Corvette, GTR , and 911.
    I currently have a 01 Acura CL Type 2 199K miles. I get emails and postcards from Acura all of the time and I’ve driven the ILX, TSX, MDX, and RDX and I would not spend $50K on any of them.
    The interior looks just like the Honda interior. Honda interior is not worth $50K.
    There is no doubt that Honda/Acura will last you to 300K+ miles for a gas car, but when you start to talk about EVs, that reliability and longevity will not be the same.

  2. Honda/GM partnership is dead just like the Prologue and ZDX. It was just a hedge in case EVs really took off but they haven’t so Honda now has time to develop their own EVs.

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