2024 Zeekr SUV.

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Geely’s new Company Zeekr seems to be on a roll. After the Zeekr X Crossover and Zeekr 007 sedan (as well as the Zeekr 009 Minivan), they are getting ready to launch a brand new SUV. The new model is based on the new 007 sedan and will compete directly against the Tesla Model Y in China.

Zeekr is following the classic Tesla recipe with a new SUV based on a previously launched sedan. As you can see, just like the Model Y and Model 3, the new SUV will share most of its interior with the 007 sedan.

Zeekr SUV illustration.

The illustration above shows what a Zeekr 007-based SUV could look like. Although it does look quite a bit sleeker than the car in the spy photos. Maybe a coupe version is also coming later? I also wonder if this will be the base for a new Volvo model. A new EX60 that would replace the current Volvo XC60, since the new Volvo EX30 is based on the Zeekr X, and the EX90 Minivan is also a Zeekr model.

In just about 2 years, Zeekr will have a pretty complete lineup of new models. Like many others, they will be a formidable threat to Tesla in China. It seems every week, there is a new Chinese EV manufacturer ready to take on Tesla.

The Model Y will be getting an update very soon (rumors of a February debut in China have already spread around), which will help fence off some of the new competition, with changes similar to the revised Model 3. But for how long?

The revised Model 3 and Model Y will have to hold for at least 3 more years, which is a very long time when new competitors seem to appear every month.

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