2025 Jeep Wagoneer S.

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These new leaked images from Jeep show us how close the production version of the new Wagoneer S will be to the concept.

Down to almost every detail, the production model looks exactly the same. Except for for the ghastly black wheels of course. And the lack of a “wagoneer” name on the front and rear of the car. Although it has moved to the front door.

You can also tell that inside, there will be no stupid table screen sticking out. Recent Jeep interiors have been excellent and the new Wagoneer S will probably have all its screens very well incorporated into the rest of the interior.

The Wagoneer S is not related to the big truck Wagoneer SUV. As it will be an EV based on the new STLA platform.

The new Wagoneer S is coming this fall with up to 600HP. It will be joined soon after by the new Jeep Recon, based on the same STLA EV platform.

So far the new Jeep looks great. As usual, pricing will be key to its success. Let’s hope Stelantis doesn’t try to sell this as a super expensive luxury car, although Jeeps have been more and more expensive lately. No matter what, this is not a Range Rover, and shouldn’t be priced like one. In my opinion, this should be priced a bit under the Cadillac Lyriq.

That would be another nail in the new $ 65,000 Acura ZDX’s coffin…

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  1. So this is basically a Cherokee EV, bit they want to use the Wagoneer sub-brand as a way to justify the high price.

  2. Just looked at Jeep’s Webpage in Canada. A Cherokee STARTS at 50k. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!

    A Renogade, the exact same one that used to sell for 26k, now starts at 38k.
    The Compass starts at 39k. These prices are insane for dated Jeeps pieces of garbage.
    Who in their right mind would pay 39k for a base Compass when a Rav4 starts at 36k.

    Canada may not have to deal with dealership markups (illegal) but the starting prices of vehicles more than makes up for it

  3. This is gorgeous, but unfortunately Steal er I mean Stellantis WILL price this thru the roof. I can almost guarantee these things will probably start at $65k and go upwards from there. I do hope I’m proven wrong about this…

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