2025 Jeep Wagoneer S.

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Jeep just released more photos and info about the all-new 2025 Jeep Wagoneer S EV.

As we’ve seen before, it looks almost exactly like the concept we saw last year, Which was actually a very accurate preview of the production car. A very good-looking update on the Jeep Grand Cherokee design with a bit of Range Rover thrown in. Which is not a bad idea.

The interior also looks a lot like other current Jeeps. Another good idea. We already know it will be available with up to 600HP but Jeep isn’t saying much more. A dual panoramic sunroof is standard on the Wagoneer S, while their collaboration with McIntosh will offer a new 19-speaker sound system. (no word on it being standard or an option).

Jeep basically describes the new SUV’s interior as the second coming, with fancy terms like “tech-focused interior is equally remarkable and radiates a seamless integration of art with technology”, and “meticulously crafted artisan detail”. Or “Mindful materials and design-focused features”.

While there is no price info yet, I am sure Stellantis is also working on a Dodge version of this to possibly replace the good old Durango.

So far this looks really nice, but as of last December, Stelantis had not committed to the NACS charging system. Which is a huge mistake and could in effect tank all their new EV products. Being compatible with the vast Tesla charging network is a game changer for all EVs. So far, Stellantis is the last car manufacturer that hasn’t officially adopted it. Even VW did it.

Statements like “At this time, we continue to evaluate the NACS standard and look forward to discussing more in the future” could end up being a costly mistake…

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  1. Looks like a beautiful car. With car manufacturers being forced to produce EVs to meet the EPAs guidelines we will see more and more EVs whether we like them or not

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