2025 Rivian R2S.

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The image on top is a patent from Rivian or some features available on the upcoming Rivian R2S.

The R2S will be Rivian‘s smaller SUV model, which could be competing against the Tesla Model Y and others.

The new R2S is rumored to be priced from $ 40,000 to $ 60,000. This means its base price would be even cheaper than the Tesla Model Y, and most other EVs. It would be quite a feat for Rivian to be able to produce a decent model for about half the cost of the current R1S. Of course, it will be smaller and less powerful, but $ 40,000 before incentives would be quite something. (That would mean a $ 30,000 base price for most buyers.)

The second photo shows the actual car, under cover. And the bottom image is an illustration showing what the real thing could look like. As we can see, the small Rivian will look very much like the Ri, which is a good thing.

We will see the real thing on March 7th. Although the actual car won’t be available until next year. A second Rivian factory will soon start construction in Georgia.

After incentives, many versions of the new R2S would actually be competing with the Toyota RAV-4 and Honda HR-V. It will be very interesting to see how it does…

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