2025 VW Tiguan LWB.

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The all-new VW Tiguan was revealed a few months ago as a 2024 model for the European market. Unlike the previous generation, the European Tiguan will come in one size only. So far, North America only got the longer wheelbase version and China got that same model under another name.

For the new generation, the US and Canada will also get the longer version and it will be sold in China as the Tiguan Pro L (white car above). While it will just be known as the new Tiguan over here. the LWB model is about 7 inches longer than the version previously introduced in Europe (green car), reflecting VW’s decades-old thinking that Americans will only buy the largest of VWs… (that’s what we saw a ‘special” longer Passat over here and also why we will only see the longer version of the ID.Buzz). stupid and narrow-minded thinking of you ask me…

Since VW has already mentioned years ago they wouldn’t bring their hybrid or PHEV technology over here, we will probably be stuck with yet another version of their good old 2.0 Liter Turbo engine in this new Tiguan. Sales of the current generation have been tanking lately, with only 38, 800 of them sold in the US last year. Compared to around 71,000 in 2022 and 109,800 the previous year. This is understandable since it was introduced in late 2025 in Europe, and already looked pretty old back then.

I test-drove the current Tiguan years ago and was far less than impressed. I can only imagine how bad it is now compared to its current and improved competition.

I still think VW will be missing the boat, yet again, by not offering a Hybrid or PHEV version in the US.

But that’s what VW does best …

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  1. This is NOT the version the US will get. We get the next generation of the Tayron, badged here as the Tiguan. This is not it.

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