Future Cadillac convertibles.

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Yes, this is a big stretch. As Cadillac is probably not actually working on a new convertible model for the EV world. Although I have a feeling we could see a concept in a year or two.

It turns out the Cadillac CT5 sedan was the brand’s best-seller in 2023. Which is actually really good news. We already know at least one EV sedan based on the Ultium platform is in the works. It will be a replacement for both the current CT4 and CT5. The CT5 is getting a nice refresh for 2024 with a revised interior that finally matches its competition. It’s strange how just a year ago sedans from Genesis had a much nicer interior, however, since the terrible interior redesigns of all current Genesis models, I really think Cadillac interiors are now superior. It mainly took incorporating the Escalade’s fantastic super widescreen to turn things around. I think the 2024 CT5 will be even more popular.

A few decades ago, it would have been impossible to think Cadillac wouldn’t offer any convertible in its lineup. But here we are…

The illustrations above are mostly daydreams, and something like this will probably not happen. Although I think the success of the CT5 could spill into its EV successor. Which at least is not an SUV. And who knows, maybe a cool-looking convertible concept will move things along, and put Cadillac convertibles back into people’s minds.

The illustrations above show a larger 4-seater model, a big traditional Cadillac convertible. The second one shows a smaller, more compact model that could compete against the BMW 4 series.

It seems Mercedes and BMW are not giving up on them. And if the Chinese market, Cadillac’s largest market these days, is open to a new convertible, it could happen.

At least someone at GM is thinking of a new Cadillac convertible. This post from GM Design in 2022 shows a compact 4-seater convertible with a Cadillac logo.

It seems I’m not the only one daydreaming…

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  1. The first two styles were absolutely stunning. How about those perhaps being the new Coupe de Ville and Sevile convertibles? Then they could do hardtop versions as well. If theyd ever make it to production, They would be very sexy cars that would totally kill the game and put Cadillac on top among all cars in it’s class. Great job!!!

  2. What happened to the Elmiraj concept? Just when it looked like Cadillac was making some good styling decisions, you cut the car.WTF?

  3. A Cadillac convertible based on the new CT4 EV platform would be unique in the market. It would do well because convertibles are warm weather cars so, great for battery life and just plain sexy. Break out of the SUV rut.

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