2026 Cadillac Compact EV sedan.

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Cadillac compact EV sedan illustration.
Cadillac compact EV sedan illustration.

Cadillac is rumored to be working on two new electric sedans.

We have seen illustrations of what a large Cadillac EV sedan could look like a few days ago. That model is rumored to be around the size of the old CT6 while the second smaller sedan is believed to replace both the CT4 and CT5.

GM has already unveiled the revised Cadillac CT5 for 2025, which will be available in the spring. It features mostly a redesigned front end as well as a new dashboard inside with a super wide screen. The 2024 XT-4 received similar changes. As for the CT4, who knows? It is also rumored to get a “mid-cycle facelift” like the CT5 and XT-4. Which again, would mean a slightly new front end with a larger screen inside.

The revised CT4 and CT5 might only last for a year or two before the new EV sedan takes over in the lineup. The current base price for the CT4 is $ 39,900. While, oddly enough, the larger CT5 starts at $39, 500. That can only mean an upcoming price bump for the 2025 CT5.

Just like the larger model, the new smaller electric sedan will be based on the updated Ultium platform called BEV3. Of course, it won’t start at $ 40,000. But even at around $60,000, it will become $ 50,000 or less after incentives. Mercedes is selling their EQE sedan starting at over $ 74,000. Which is insane for something that looks like a $ 30,000 car. Of course, it turns out not to be popular at all with only 3000 units sold in the US. (surprise…)

I am pretty sure a good-looking Cadillac sedan for less would find buyers.

No matter what, it will be quite fascinating to see what Cadillac designers come up with. The CT4 and CT5 are OK but were never impressive designs. And not what a Cadillac sedan should be.

I think there is hope with the 2 upcoming EVs…

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  1. I figured this was happening. So interesting that I saw only one of 3,000 EQE models when I was in Vegas a few weeks ago.

  2. I really like this Cadillac! Thank goodness, not another Crossover!
    How many of those should one company, or its divisions have?

    Would like a bigger one , convicted to.
    Wish Buick would do a Wildcat & ELECTRA

    EV platforms offer so many possibilities.

    This Cadillac has a powerful styling , classic interior, reminiscent of the luxury brands magnificent past!

  3. Too bad this will never make it to production it’s to good, too nice. It will fall to the waist side just like the Buick Wildcat did.

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