Future Cadillac Coupes.

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Large Cadillac coupe illustration.
Compact Cadillac coupe illustration.

While it is true Cadillac is working on 2 new EV sedans, I haven’t heard anything about a new 2-door Cadillac. Which is a pity…

Of course, we all know 2 door cars don’t sell well anymore. Nothing from Cadillac or Lincoln seems to be coming soon. The Camaro just died and the new Mustang is only a heavy refresh of what it was last year. At least it’s still around… There are no 2 door coupe versions of sedans either, like the old Accord coupe or Camry coupe (Later called Solara). Back in the 1970s, it seems almost every single American sedan model was also available as a 2 door coupe. And that was on top of cars that were only available with 2 doors, like the Thunderbird.

Still, it seems German luxury manufacturers are holding on to their expensive 2 door models. Mercedes replaced both the C-Class coupe and E-Class coupe with the new CLE Coupe. BMW still has the 4 series coupe, which we all know is a 2-door version of the 3 series. However, Audi seems to be done with the A5 coupe. At least for now.

The illustrations above show what new Cadillac EV coupes could look like. Both with a bit of a retro flair. Cadillac also needs to get back into real names instead of CT5 or XT5. And nothing with “IQ” please. Just an “E” in the name is good enough to imply electricity. The large model could become a 21st-century Eldorado. While the smaller one could still be a “Seville Coupe”. At this point, why not…

Cadillac has been teasing us with wonderful 2 door concepts over eh years like the Elmiraj or the Ciel, but these never made it to production.

The last Cadillac 2-door coupe, so far, was the ATS coupe seen above. Produced from 2015 to 2019. It basically looked like a straight-2-door version of the sedan with zero added style. Which is exactly what a 2 door coupe should not be. Unsurprisingly, when the ATS became the CT4 in 2019, the coupe didn’t make the transition, due to “poor sales”.

There is no logical reason why anyone would pick a 2 door car over a 4 door one. Except for style and personality, and better proportions. A coupe that doesn’t have any of this is DOA.

Let’s hope that GM finds it in their hearts to finally offer a very good-looking 2 door coupe in the future EV world. One that offers tons of personality and some well-needed Cadillac style.

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  1. Would look stunning if they did something like that. I thought you were against cars not having a fixed spot for license plates?

  2. Cadillac should make a two door coupe with the same room like the sedans but a two door style with bucket seats in front and give it a name.Not letters and numbers. I like two door cars for a single person or couple but still have room in the back seat

  3. These are the BEST Cadillac rendering seen in decades!
    Its chiseled, yet fluid.
    I would like to see the bottom as the Devil, even in four doors & the top DEFINITELY as Eldorado!
    In the past the Cadillac Coupe Deville was an icon .
    They are more sought after by collectors today ….and cost more .
    Big coupe’s had been very popular, and usually the BEST selling of prestige car lines in mid century America.
    Indeed there was even some people using them with chauffeurs to be more rakish !
    Rare, but true.
    I would like to see moribund Buick….the most absurd division at GM , have a Rivera, and Wildcat to !
    GM is now #8 , and falling.

    One of the reasons? They no longer make a : Car for every taste & purse ” .
    Narrowing choices limits a market & sure doesn’t expand one !
    Bravo for magnificent Cadillacs, oh the first one is especially magnificent.

  4. GM has always manufactured brilliant concept vehicles that either never make production, or production models looking only vaguely similar.

  5. I own a Cadillac CTS, The only thing that I don’t like about the Cadillac CTS 4 ,Is why is the battery close to the gas tank, I think that is the crazyis idea, That why I have my lawyer on speed dail if I am hit in the back on the right side,My Cadillac will exposed, My family has been GM and Cadillac family for over 65 years, And I will not stop the tradition?Now with that being said how about the engines that GM and Ford is supposed to be building that will last for up to 5,000. Miles, There a flaw in the 2011 Cadillac CTS 4, But like I said I have my lawyers on speed dail Incase anything go wrong,Chow?

  6. Nothing Cadillac has made in the last 5 years, even closely resembles anything that made a Cadillac a great car. The ATS Coupe was a nice little car, but the key word there is little. It also didn’t even have a proper tilt wheel mechanism, just the unlock, tilt and relock, which is rubbish for a luxury car. I love the Cadillac brand, but I don’t ever foresee myself buying a brand new Cadillac, unless they come up with something larger than some little mid sized sport sedan.

  7. Jist picked up a CT5-V, 2021, WITH 5K on it. Had 7 Caddies previously. Really enjoying it. Waiting five years and then on to a used Blackwing. Cadillac needs to build that smaller Concept. So hellified, but they’ve been breaking our hearts on the concepts for 25 years.They want to poach market share from BMW? Their design teams ARE solid & differentiated, they need to ensure the HP rocks. Do that and they can start winning car of the year awards.

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