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Cadillac Mid-size Coupe EV
Cadillac Mid-size Wagon EV
Cadillac Mid-size Sedan EV
Cadillac Compact Coupe & Sedan EV

It’s been a couple of years since GM announced its big EV future. Claiming that 40% of their US portfolio would be EVs by 2025.

Who knows if this will happen or not, but we have indeed seen a few new introductions so far. 2 Cadillacs, 2 Buicks for the Chinese market, 3 Chevrolets, and one GMC truck. Plus the 2 Hummer monsters. Cadillac will soon introduce 3 new EVs, one will be smaller than the current Lyriq and one larger. The 3rd one is still a mystery, but a few “low roof” models are planned. From both Cadillac and Chevrolet.

The bottom pic shows upcoming models covered up. And at least 2 or 3 of these aren’t SUVs.

Since it’s the week-end, I thought it would be nice to dream a little. Dream of a future where Cadillac could still be working on a few “non-SUV’ models. Like a sleek wagon, a couple of sedans, and even a sportier 2 door coupe.

What if there were no SUVs…

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  1. Cadillac’s design language translates really nicely into these very modern clean concepts.

  2. Those computer generated “photos” are kind of a joke. Everyone knows that the final product being sold won’t look much like that.

    Really exaggerated (especially the body length and the size of the wheels).

    So don’t put a lot of faith into them actually ending up like that.

  3. If Cadillac wants to regain it stature , it NEEDS the beautiful cars & the class advertising to go with them.
    Buick needs a Wildcat & Electra Sedan too !
    Going ALL Crossovers & SUV is ABSURD!

    They need a convertible too !

  4. I hate SUVS & Crossovers They block the view in front of me & they block view of storefronts names & address of Buisness SUVS are bad for Buisness’s they are unattractive toaster boxs driving around I Love Cars The Old Skool way

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