Honda’s new EV.

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The new Honda e: NP2 is a new Honda EV that looks a bit like an older model with a mid-cycle facelift. But it’s actually all-new.

I do like the sleek “coupe” shape, and the whole thing actually looks pretty modern. The e: NP2 is not a small car as it is about an inch longer than our CR-V. It is powered by a 68.8 kWh battery good for 340 miles in the CLTC test cycle, which could still mean something around 275 miles EPA.

The new e: NP2 is produced in China by Honda’s partnership with GAC. That means it will probably not be sold outside of China. Which I think is a bit too bad. The interior seems very nice and minimalist, and much nicer and more modern than the generic design currently used in almost every Honda sold in the US. At least this is quite different and much cleaner. I also really like the thin screen in front of the driver, being 100% incorporated into the dashboard. Something VW also offers in the new ID.7 sedan. Although the main “generic VW” large screen in the ID.7 sticks out like a sore thumb.

I know Honda has other plans for the US, mostly including a production version of the futuristic 0Series Saloon, supposedly coming to the US by 2026. Meanwhile, it seems the e: NP2 could have given Honda something cheaper to offer than the $ 48,000 Prologue. Who knows how expensive the 0Series saloon will be, but it doesn’t look like a cheap model at all.

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  1. I think this is built on the ROW HR-V platform, that is lengthened at the tail and front bumper to improve aerodynamics. I don’t mind it – except the name. I just wish the external design elements were cleaned up so it would look more futuristic to match the interior. How Honda handled screen placement on the interior is how they should approach all of their vehicles. Other than the tax credit issue, this would make a nice entry point for their BEVs. While their hybrid/PHEV plan is pretty clear, their BEV strategy, from a design and class perspective, is all over the place. This would have made a nice Clarity or Insight in North America.

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