New Zeekr SUV=Volvo EX60?

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Today we have another illustration of what Zeeker’s upcoming SUV could look like. It seems very realistic to me and matches the spy shot we saw just a few days ago, looking a lot like what you’d expect an SUV version of the new Zeekr 007 sedan would look like.

Geely is using the new Zeekr brand to go directly against Tesla in China, and probably Europe where they started selling the Zeekr X. Code named CX1e, the new SUV will go directly against the Tesla Model Y. They already sell the larger 001 model to compete against the Model S, and just came out with the Zeekr 007 to battle the Model 3. The Zeekr X is smaller and you would think it is a preemptive strike against Tesla’s upcoming new compact, but it is more expensive in Europe than its closely related cousin, the Volvo EX30.

Since the Volvo EX30 and Zeekr are basically the same cars underneath, I wonder if this new SUV will be shared with Volvo as a new mid-size EX60. This would make sense since Volvo is slowly turning into just Geely cars with Swedish designs and Swedish flags on their seats.

As I mentioned earlier, I think the Zeekr 007 could easily be tuned into a new Volvo ES60 EV sedan and wagon as well. I am not sure why Geely is insisting on selling Zeekr cars in Europe where Volvo is an extremely well-known and respected brand. Especially with the unknown Zeekr models costing more…

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  1. I agree, the quality to label as Volvo (or Polestar) is there, Geely doesn’t have to introduce a new brand in the US or Europe. I own a Swedish-built XC90 and a Luqiao-built Polestar 2, and the Polestar build quality has blown me away.

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