VW Passat sedan successor.

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Say goodbye to the VW Passat sedan and hello to the… Magotan!

Well, at least in China. Where the new Magotan will replace the car we know here as the Passat. As you can see, it is obviously a sedan version of the recently introduced new European Passat Wagon. I am not sure if the Chinese market is getting the wagon as well as the new sedan, but one thing is for sure, we’re not getting any of them over here.

Although sales were up a bit in 2020, they started low at 24,398 in 2021. Which is not only a fraction of both the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, but also far fewer units than any of its competition in the US. Speaking of the new Magotan, I don’t see a visual improvement over the departed US/Chinese Passat sedan (4th pic), which was already a fine-looking car. I guess this time VW is right and the new one wouldn’t have been much more popular over here.

There are no photos of the interior yet, but you can bet it is the same as the Passat Wagon and the new VW Tiguan. Which are both closely related.

This makes me wonder how long the Jetta will last in the US…

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  1. The Jetta outsells the Atlas Cross Sport and the ID4 in the US and sells nearly as well as the Taos and regular Atlas. The only VW product that noticeably outsells the Jetta (and everything else) is the Tiguan. It’ll definitely get an 8th generation in 2025 or 2026. It’s unclear what will happen after the Jetta 8 because the brand will be all EV by then.

  2. Can someone in the United States purchase a megaton in China and have it shipped to the US?

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