2024 Toyota Land Cruiser price.

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A few weeks ago, the new 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser was rumored to start at around $ 55,000. Which was pretty close since the official starting price is now $ 56,000 plus destination.

However, for that price, you get a base “1958” model. Sure, it still has the same engine and AWD standard, but this is a basic model with no options available. And only 3 choices of exterior “colors” are black white or grey. And only a cheapo black cloth is available inside for $56, 000. Again, some will compare it to the older, much larger, and much more expensive Land Cruiser and claim this is quite a deal. But that “old” one was really more of a Range Rover competitor with its V8 and seating for 7. It was also pretty much loaded.

The new Land Cruiser is actually a $ 62,000 truck since very few will probably order the base model. Even at that price, a sunroof is still an option, and there is an available “luxury package” for $4600.

When you compare this to the Land Rover Defender, a logical competitor, the Land Cruiser is actually more expensive in many ways. The base 4-door 110 model is $60,600 and comes with a standard panoramic roof and Meridian sound system. And, as you can see, the Land Rover offers many colors and a choice of 3 interior hues. of course, color isn’t everything but the Land Rover does look pretty fantastic. And its off-road manners have been proven for many decades. It is also a very comfortable daily driver.

However, for the price, you do get a fantastic long-term reliability history with the Toyota. Although, these days, these luxury “trucks” are mostly leased for 3 years and that might not be that important anymore. They will both be used mostly to pick up the kids from school and get tortilla chips from Trader Joe’s anyway.

I think Toyota did a great job with the new Land Cruiser design, but the base model should have offered more. Especially a few colors.

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  1. True, the Toyota is a bit more expensive, but it will also have great resale value and not be in the shop a lot if you keep it long term, unlike the Land Rover.

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