Toyota Land Cruiser video.

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If you ever wondered what the new Toyota Land Cruiser looked like driving around, climbing stuff, and crossing rivers, you will love this video.

For most buyers, the expensive SUV will mostly be used to take kids to school or get Tortilla chips at Trader Joe’s. Where the new Land Cruiser will get plenty of envious looks.

I think it is a really nice design, and also much better looking than the Lexus GX. Of course, at a rumored “around $ 50,000” to start, it is quite a bit cheaper than the previous model sold in the US until 2021, which started at $ 80,000. $ 50,000 could then sound like a bargain, although it is still quite expensive in my book. Most of them will probably be over $ 60,000 with options.

It is still a luxury toy. At least now it looks pretty cool and retro.

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  1. I love your sarcasm on the Land Cruiser. I think as many will take their “SUVs” off-road as drivers with $200,000+ sport cars will track their cars. For most, they are just accessories that they drive.

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