2025 Dodge Charger.

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It’s been a long wait, but as you can see, we will see the all-new STLA platform-based Dodge Charger next week.

The new car will mostly be an EV, but rumors about a high-power Hurricane 6-cylinder version persist. Dodge might offer at least one ICE version to appease the medieval muscle car crowd. No matter what, the new car will be very fast.

EV models will come with 455HP to 670HP, with an extra model that could produce around 900HP.

As we already know, the production car will retain the concept‘s hatchback, which is pretty unique and very practical.

Let’s hope Stelantis has other new models for Dodge planned after this. An all-new Durango is badly needed…

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  1. There better be an ICE version of this car. Consumers have had it with these over-priced EVs – we aren’t paying $60k+ for a new car. The majority of consumers are not ready for EVs, so for Dodge’s sake, I hope they have at least one model that is ICE or some kind of hybrid.

  2. The Charger Hellcats have been over $ 70,000 for years and they are always sold out. people buying these cars have been spending over $60,000 for many years. Cars with that much power are never cheap, EV or not.

  3. I’m curious if the ICE version powers the wheels or if it just powers the EV drivetrain for improved performance… not sure the 3.6L Pentastar V6 will sound great as a generator, but still kind of a novel way to get the luddites to embrace electrification!

  4. Vince, yes you are correct that the Hellcat versions of the Challenger and Charger are over $60k, but the base models start in the low-to-mid 30s. A pure electric version would add a minimum of $10k to that price. The Hyundai Ionic 6 EV sedan, for example, starts at just under $40k for the base model and shoots past 50k fully loaded. Most people are not willing to pay a $10k premium for an EV, and many don’t want one even if there was no premium. This Dodge will be a non-starter if it is EV-only.

  5. Y’all buy this crap if y’all want to y’all need to buy a radiation device to see the dangerous levels of radiation coming off the electric cancer cars
    This is a bad intention to for the cancer centers to make more money y’all keep being sheep

    I rather have my natural V8 ANY DAY plus I bet y’all will have to buy that speed up charge plan or y’all will have to wait around 2 to 8 hrs a day to charge that trash

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