2025 Hyundai Palisade.

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Another day, another new 2025 Hyundai Palisade illustration. Illustrators have been trying to guess the design of the next-generation Palisade for a while now, especially since we started seeing spy shots of actual prototypes driving around.

This newest guess does look pretty close to the prototypes caught for the past few weeks. The much more angular design, the sharp angle on top of the front side windows. It’s all there. The rest of the car is still a complete guess. Most illustrators seem to think it will look a bit, or a lot, like the Range Rover, which I think would be a mistake.

The 2024 Santa Fe does look quite different from the Land Rover Defender, especially in the flesh, where the Defender still looks 100 times better. It seems the new Santa Fe is trying a bit too hard.

Let’s hope the big Palisade redesign looks more mature than its smaller brother. The current model has been quite a hit for Hyundai, and the addition of a hybrid version for the next generation will probably make the big SUV even more popular.

I still hope the new Palisade ends up looking a bit like this. We’ll see…

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  1. That’s a very poor photoshop. That’s clearly a Ford Expedition, with the mirrors in a different place, and the new Santa Fe front end.

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