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The Kia Seltos was introduced in 2019, and we will probably see a second generation next year.

At a starting price of $ 24,500, it seems it is a crowded space for Kia, with the Soul starting at $ 21,600, and the Niro starting at $27,000. Maybe that’s why the Seltos isn’t such a huge hit with just 60 000 of them sold last year. That compares with over 120,000 Honda HR-Vs sold in 2023.

Maybe what the Seltos need is more style, something that stands out. Sure, the Honda HR-V has close to zero style, but it’s a Honda. The Toyota Corolla Cross isn’t that snazzy either but again, it’s a Toyota. I think Kia needs to push the envelope a bit with the next Seltos. Something they have already done with the Kia Niro, which looks much more modern than the previous generation.

However, by next year most buyers will expect some type of hybrid powertrain to be available in these compact crossovers. Which means the Seltos could end up competing against the Niro. The upcoming Kia EV3 will also be in direct competition with the Niro EV. It looks like that poor Niro will soon be attacked from many fronts.

Or maybe, Kia will just realize they have plenty of choices in the “sub-$30,000 crossover” segment and will not redesign the Seltos at all.

Who knows.

Would you like to see a new Kia Seltos?

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  1. I would love to see a smaller EV like that. Seltos though is a vehicle aimed at cheaper markets. I don’t see how this render could be a Seltos

  2. I agree with your comment that there need to be hybrid variants available in this small SUV segment. Its crowded with some good entrants, and none of those frankly are made by Hyundai/Kia (or Volkswagen for that matter). But Honda & GM in particular seem to have strong offerings, Toyota has some less-strong ones. Maybe the issue is that people who dont want to spend much money, and choose these entry-level SUVs, also dont want to be reminded everyday of ownership that they’re spending less money. And a Kia/Hyundai is gonna remind you of that every single mile its driven.

    Second, am I the only one with Kia-fatigue? Good lord, every month Kia-Hyundai-Genesis has a new vehicle out. New name, same segment. Old new, new segment. Refaced, rebadged…regurgitated. Who the h can keep up with this litany of inconsequential tripe?

  3. It just got a facelif for the 2024 model year. Usually after a facelift, a next generation comes out 2.5 to 3 years later. It won’t be a next generation Seltos for 2025. If so then we would have seen spy shots. We see spy shots of the EV3, facelifted EV6, facelifted K5, Next generation Forte AND Pickup truck. It won’t be confusing or confliction bringing in the next Seltos to have a hybrid vs Niro.
    1 the Seltos offers AWD the Niro is FWD only.
    2 the Niro is on the same platform as the new Hyundai Kona

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