2025 Toyota Corolla Cross.

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It’s quite amazing to see what a new face does to some cars.

The Toyota Corolla Cross came out in the US for the 2022 model year, although it was on sale in other countries before. Toyota has just unveiled a revised version in Thailand, and the new front end makes the compact crossover look much better than ever. The current model (pic 3& 4) has one of the ugliest front ends I’ve seen on a small car, even if the Hybrid version is a bit better. The regular model’s huge plasticky grille is just out of this world ugly, while the rest of the car is actually decent, in a boring/invisible way.

The revised version looks much better, and it even reminds me of the new 2025 Toyota Crown Signia front end. Which is great.

Inside, the tablet is now even larger and seems to be sticking out so high it could actually be in the way. That is definitely not an improvement.

I also notice the huge glass roof feature in the last photo. While I really think the revised design will come in the US for the 2025 model year, I don’t think Toyota will offer this option over here, which is a shame. This would make the Corolla Cross stand out even more. I also think Toyota should me the Hybrid powertrain standard in the US, which is what they will end up doing sooner or later on everything they sell over here.

The Corolla Cross has been pretty popular with 65,000 of them sold last year. But it is dwarfed by the Honda HR-V with over 122,000 in 2023. The HR-V doesn’t even have a Hybrid option, and I really think Toyota should take advantage to it.

Either way, the new more attractive face will probably mean more sales. It usually works for aging Hollywood stars, so why not for Toyota…

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  1. Vince, this front end styling is probably a strong hint for what is ahead for the RAV-4 refresh. In the same way the previous Corolla Cross model had some ‘mini me’ RAV-4 influence, I think this time the CC is a leading indicator for what the RAV-4 will be.

  2. I actually dont care for the revision. While the original design was dumpy, the new needs to be edited down. Too many lines and forms all competing for attention with the hood lines and fender bulges. I do think they could have incorporated the hammerhead but not with all the visual noise we see here. Toyota’s biggest problems are that they can’t get over their grills and they try to cheap out when what it needed was just a bit more extensive in the front.

    So, just wait. My money says Honda will be bringing the Civic hybrid drivetrain to the HRV for the MMC refresh, right after the two Civic hybrids are launched as 2025’s this year. BTW- the Civic sedan hybrid will be first. The Civic hatch hybrid may be delayed a bit due to a frequent hatch leaking issue into the subfloor well (where the battery goes).

  3. I dont understand why Toyota bothers to put a huge glass roof in and makes it so it doesn’t open (and some models didn’t even have a sunshade). This kind of nonsense is just doing something for bragging rights, but being as lazy and cheap as possible while leaving your buyers to roast in summer. If you’re going to do that, just do a sunroof.

  4. please be honest..asking from Canada..will the 2025 Corolla Cross get a redesign..your honest opinion..

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