Chrysler Halcyon video.

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Just when you were wondering what the new Chrylser Halcyon looked like in motion, here comes the perfect video.

Join me and discover the all-new Chrysler Concept inside and out. As well as driving around. This thing has grown on me so much that I kind of love it. Like many others, I cannot really imagine what a production car based on this could look like since the design is pretty futuristic. Although maybe not. Honda also claimed the production version of their new Series 0 Saloon will keep 90% of the concept’s design, which seems crazy.

Maybe Chrysler will pull it off and keep a lot of the exterior design, which would be great. The production car will use the same STLA platform as the upcoming 2025 Dodge Charger EV. While we will see the production version of the Dodge next month, we’ll have to wait longer to see its Chrysler cousin.

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  1. Vince, your VO for the Halcyon is unquestionably the funniest, most entertaining bit you’ve posted since I found your site 15+ years ago, when it was “The Hollywood Extra”. The only thing missing was a way to mention my favorite descriptor from you: “Ghastly”. But I understand; it’s a beautiful car, so I guess you’d have to shoehorn the word in an inelegant fashion.

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