Mazda CX-80.

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It’s not easy to say from these patent images, but it sure looks like the new Mazda CX-80 for the European market is a clone of the North American Mazda CX70/CX-90.

However, the rear side window seems a bit different. And, although the profile view looks to be exactly the same size as our version, the 3/4 rear view of the CX-80 patent image makes it seem a little bit shorter. Who knows…

We will probably see the real thing soon and it will be another big whoop from Mazda. Something else we’ve seen before. All these 4 new models are basically all the same. So far, the Mazda CX-60 hasn’t’ been getting fantastic reviews in Europe. In the US, the CX-90 reviews have been OK for the 6-cylinder version, and not kind at all for the 2.5 Liter PHEV. Which has been described as “rough”, or “not ready for primetime”. European reviews also describe the hybrid model as unrefined.

It took Mazda years to develop this new platform and powertrains and the important PHEV version should really have been perfect.

A mistake Mazda will not repeat with the upcoming Mazda CX-50 Hybrid since this model will use a full Toyota RAV-4 Hybrid powertrain. The CX-50 came out 2 years ago with the promise of a hybrid version “soon”. As of today, there have been rumors and delays.

But the CX-50 Hybrid is still not here.

Who is in charge???

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  1. Mazda really would have been better off with a cooperative agreement with Honda. Instead, they traded shares for Toyota hybrid tech and electronic systems. Let’s face it, Toyota makes some really crude systems. Add more power (via the Mazda 6cyl) and that rough switchover is even more apparent. Mazda is a better company at engineering, but this is going to be a stretch for them to program. As far as the CX-60… its not as wide or as long as the CX-70/CX-90. But I wonder if Mazda will extend the length to make it a 7seater for Europe without increasing its width.

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