Next Toyota Sienna.

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Future Toyota Sienna illustration.

This one is quite a stretch. The current Toyota Sienna came out in late 2020 and could be in production for another 2 or 3 years. But why not imagine what the next one could look like? Something a little more modern and a little cleaner. Since the current generation is quite an offensive visual mess. (Toyota minivans never looked that good after the good old Previa…)

The current Sienna came out as a hybrid-only model, which was quite a big deal in 2020. Since the 2025 Camry is now a hybrid-only model. As well as others, like the Toyota Crown and the new Toyota Land Cruiser. And I think it will be the case with the new 2025 Toyota RAV-4.

But in 2 or 3 years, Toyota will be pushing their new EVs as well. I think the next Sienna could push the envelope once more and be a PHEV-only model by that time. An improved PHEV from Toyota could get over 50 miles of EV-only range, which could still be a smart choice for many families. And could keep the Sienna going until Toyota is ready for an all-new electric Minivan.

They won’t be the only one since Chrysler will be an EV brand only by 2028, and that will include a Chrysler Pacifica.

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  1. Giving it the ground clearance of a Corvette will sure help sales. Those spats make it look like a joke. Of course it is nothing but some rando punk with a bit of skill doing it. If the rando punk was any good, they’d be working in the industry and not in their bedroom.

  2. The front end reminds me of a dolphin. It’s cute. If I were to get one, I’d nickname it “Flipper” just like the old classic dolphin sitcom. Nice greenhouse too.

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