2025 Audi A5.

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The next-generation Audi A4 is right around the corner, with a new name: A5. The next “A4” will be an EV, like every even number of Audi models eventually.

As you can see, the Audi design revolution isn’t coming anytime soon. The illustrations above look very close to the recent spy shots we have seen of the real thing. And they, of course, show a car that looks a lot like the current one. Which has been the usual Audi story for decades now…

It will be a nice-looking wagon, a little sleeker than the current one. And will be joined by a 4-door hatchback model. Powertrains will probably be very similar to what they offer now since most of the development money is going toward new EVs.

As usual, these will be competing with the BMW 3 series and Mercedes C-Class sedans and wagons.

A4 and S4 combined sales were only 10,848 units in the US last year. Or less than a third the amount of the BMW 3 series. I guess that could also mean the next A4 (now called A5) might not even make it to the US when they come out later this year.

Would it be such a bit loss?

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  1. anyone else here think Audi seems lost, like an afterthought in VW Corporate’s electric transition plans?

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