2025 Dodge Charger!

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This is it! the new Dodge Charger EV for 2025. Truly a revolution in American car history since it is also the first electric muscle car.

The big surprise here is to see both the expected coupe as well as a brand-new sedan. And they both look fantastic!

The first version available is the Dodge Charger Daytona EV. 2 door. With 496HP or 670HP. As far as range, the R/T version could get up to 317 miles.

The new Charger will also be available next year with an inline 6-cylinder gas engine with 420HP or 550HP. All Chargers will have AWD standards.

And apparently, the 4-door Charger will be available starting in 2025 as well. With as a top-of-the-line Banshee SRT model.

These cars prove people can still design great new sedans and coupes. Unlike companies like BMW, there are others who still value a great, simple, and clean design. And unlike the last designs like the 2024 Mustang which is just another heavy refresh of the old previous generation. This is a truly stunning new product from Stellantis. These 2 Chargers look fantastic and I cannot wait to see them in person.

More photos and info coming very soon.

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  1. The front shot of the blue one is a gas-powered model. Notice it has a normal hood with a bulge and not the R-wing like the EV models.

  2. Looks pretty sharp, and great proportions for the kind of vehicle it is. I think they made a good choice by the line-up they’ve chosen (2dr e-, 4dr, 2 dr V6t). I do hope they offer the 4dr with the V6t. The only thing I was kind of hoping to see would be a modern and clean interpretation of a sweeping 1960’s era dashboard and more distinctive interior. But I guess there’s only so much you can do with seats and a steeringwheel, without going back to a bench seat or a lucite with chrome band 20in wheel that will scald your fingers on a hot day like a 4th of july weenie roast. (you’re a bad influence, Vince!)

  3. I couldn’t agree more about the interior. Something even more retro would have been great!

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