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Future Ford Mustang illustration.
Future Ford Mustang illustration.

Unlike the Chevrolet Camaro, the Ford Mustang is still with us. Unfortunately, the new 2024 Mustang is just a lazy redesign of the previous model with only new body panels and a revised (not all-new) interior. I saw it in person and sat inside and I can tell you, things are NOT better “in the flesh”. Especially the convoluted, busy, and baffling dashboard (The rest of the interior is actually mostly carried over from the previous model).

A few years ago, the 2024 model was rumored to use an all-new platform similar to the RWD Explorer, which would have allowed for AWD as well as a Hybrid version. And maybe even a PHEV model. Since Ford’s last real car was not such a priority anymore, the “new” Mustang had to see life on a much tighter budget.

The current generation is supposed to be produced only until 2028. (Although Ford has recently denied this…). By that time, it will surely be an EV, like almost anything else. Even if the new Dodge Charger offers an ICE model, most versions will be electric. And the next Camaro will be based on GM’s Ultium platform. The Mustang will keep up with the times after 2028, when the EV infrastructure will be much improved and the Dodge Charger EV will have proven to be a true muscle car.

The first illustration on top shows what a next-generation Mustang could look like if Ford decided to follow their current trend of “same but a bit more modern”. Still obviously a Mustang, but distancing itself a bit more from the classic Mustang look.

The second illustration shows what could happen if Ford decided to go a bit more retro like they did in 2006. A more obvious classic Mustang for the future with an even more recognizable muscle car look.

The 3rd illustration shows what a long-rumored 4-door Mustang could finally look like. Something that could finally be possible with the use of a longer EV wheelbase. Sedans seem to be a bit more popular as EVs, since the huge success of the Tesla Model 3. Most manufacturers will end up having at least one sedan in their EV portfolios soon.

This is what Ford thought a 4 door Mustang could look like in 1964. I really don’t know why this never happened…

2nd generation Ford Mustang Mach-E illustration.

As you can see, the Ford Mach-E EV is also due for a new generation, starting production in July 2026, as a 2027 model year, which is just about a year before the current ICE Mustang could end production.

There was anger and even rage from Mustang fans when the Mustang Mach-E came out. Claiming it wasn’t a “real Mustang”. That “real” Mustang sold 53,159 units last year. And 40,771 for the Mach-E, which is not that far behind.

No matter what, the Mustang is not ready to go away any time soon, and that is great news.

Among the top 3 illustrations, which one would you pick?

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  1. Very nice illustration at the top, and while it is basically a blend of Mazda and Aston, it should probably be the direction they go to keep the car relevant, rather than just continuing to cater to the rapidly disappearing boomer demographic.

    But they’ll never build it unless they move it into Corvette’s price range. If you need a reason, just refer to the diner scene from ‘Ford v Ferrari’ where Miles tells Shelby “You think Ford’s going to let you build the car you want … the way you want? The Ford Motor Company? THOSE guys?” 😄

  2. Vince – The interior of the Mustang Premium looks much better than the standard EcoBoost model.

    The Infotainment and Driver Information screens are joined together as one cohesive unit. This makes a huge difference.

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