2026 Dodge Durango EV.

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After seeing the all-new 2025 Dodge Charger EV, we all know a next-generation Dodge Durango is coming. Also based on the new STLA EV platform.

It’s very easy to guess it could be offered with the new Charger‘s inline 6-cylinder Turbo as well, if needed. Although by the time of actually comes out, most potential buyers might be OK with the idea of an electric Dodge Duarngo SUV.

It will be closely related to the new Jeep Wagoneer S, for less money. The Jeep is already planned with a 600HP version and I’m not sure if the Durango will try to top this or not. Over 600HP is just ridiculous, but who knows…

The current 3rd generation Dodge Durango came out in 2011 and will be in production in Detroit until 2025. I am actually quite amazed at how good it still looks after all these years. The all-new STLA-based Durango EV will start production in 2026. As I mentioned earlier, an ICE version could still be part of the next generation’s lineup.

The illustration above shows what a new Durango EV could look like. I think something like this would be a very good complement to the new Charger in Dodge showrooms. But they will need more than these two to bring the brand back. The current Dodge Hornet is just a stop-gap Alfa Romeo Tonale clone and sold under 10,000 units in the last year. And surprise, it seems a redesigned front end isn’t fooling anybody. Dodge does need a really new smaller crossover and I hope Stelantis is working on one.

Since we’re on the subject of daydreaming, why not a smaller sporty Coupe and Sedan that would be positioned under the new Charger? Something that could bring the Challenger name back maybe?

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  1. For Dodge’s sake, I hope they decide to offer that I6 in this Durango. There are plenty of people who are simply not interested in going EV, and that won’t change much in 2 or 3 years.

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