Dodge Charger EV video.

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Please, join me and discover the amazing new Dodge Charger EV in this new video.

You will see the new muscle car in action, inside and out. The new Charger will be available with an inline 6-cylinder turbo as well. In order to calm down all the EV haters among muscle car fans. Since it is still not a V8, I am not sure it will work.

Everything is going electric around the world anyway, and Dodge is doing the right thing by being the first in the world to offer an EV muscle car. Something Ford could have done with the 2024 Mustang, or at least offer some form of Hybrid. Yet they went the opposite way and tried to save short-term cash by doing a refresh of the previous generation with no new powertrain. In the end, Stellantis will be the one others will try to follow.

I hope you enjoy her video, and seeing this amazing car in action.

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  1. Vince is clearly smitten by this new Daytona Charger EV.
    Personally I see a lot to like, but also a lot I don’t like. Absolutely love the fact that it is a sedan and coupe, and both look extremely similar. I also absolutely love the practicality of a hatchback. The interior looks great. Love the fact that they essentially admit that EVs aren’t for everyone by offering an I6 version. The fact that the EV is AWD is a good idea. The styling is cool from some angles but kind of awkward from others.
    This is a BIG vehicle. Some reviewer stated it is larger in every dimension to the current Challenger, which was already rather large. And of course the worst thing is its weight – almost 6000 lbs means it weighs about 1000 more than a Lucid Air or Tesla Model S. It weighs more than a Ram 1500.
    I’d be curious to see how they price this and how the I6 version ends up being like – that should help quite a bit with the weight problem, but this will always be a large car no matter what.

  2. Yes, I do like this car a lot.
    I think Stellantis did a great job recreating the Charger/Challenger after all these years. So far, they seem to really pay attention to their various brands and their personalities. They did a good job with Lancia and Fiat recently. I am also very hopeful of Chrysler after seeing the Charger.
    I really wish the new Charger can be available in a more “regular” version. Something for the rest of us, who don’t want all that HP. Just a great-looking, comfortable car.
    And yes, pricing will be key to its success, as usual. Especially with an EV.

  3. The size and weight of this Charger means I would never even look at it if I was in the market for a muscle or pony car. I do hope the specs reveal that the ICE version has way less mass, even though the dimensions more than likely won’t change. I do really like the fact that it’s a hatch though. I also think the Charger needs at least one strictly rwd version.

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