Kia K4 5DR.

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There will be a hatchback version of the new Kia K4 after all. And so far, at least from what’s on the license plate, it could be just called “K4 5DR”. Which sounds almost like a joke, or a temporary name. Like if they couldn’t come up with anything and just gave up.

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise since the has always been a separate hatchback version of the Kia Forte. Although it was not always sold in the US.

This new generation hatchback looks a bit more like a short wagon. Which was surprising at first, but I am already getting used to it. Although I do like the sedan design, when compared directly to the new hatchback, the sedan looks like a giant disproportionate whale. At least in these photos, The cargo area of the hatchback seems much shorter than the sedan but the much more convenient hatch would make up for it in real life. Even though the car is shorter, you can load big objects through the hatch once the seats are folded down into a flat floor. As it should be.

I know the K4 design is a bit controversial, but to me, this looks so much better than the Honda Civic hatchback. It also offers the oversized sunroof from the sedan. Unfortunately, there is no word on different powertrains. That means the same 2.0 Liter or 1.6 Liter Turbo as the sedan. And no hybrid. Which I think will end up looking like a big mistake from Kia since Hybrids are the thing right now. Right or wrong, people seem to want them more than ever. Not offering one in an inexpensive super roomy sedan is a big mistake, especially when you already offer the technology in many other models.

A Hybrid K4 5DR loaded for around $ 30,000 or even a bit less would be a sure hit.

At least the new hatchback is coming to the US soon after the sedan. Which is really good news…

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  1. Yay for wagons. I wish there were more of them. I’ll just add that Kia and Hyundai tend to have styling that doesn’t hold up for long before it looks outdated. Like 2 yr, tops.

  2. I think the hatchback looks AMAZING. Lets face it, it is a wagon but Kia wouldn’t dare call it that. I am fine with K4 five door no matter how clumsy it may sound. I wasn’t aware Vince that it is shorter-thanks for that info. I plan on trading my 23 GTI manual in a year and 1/2 for the Hatch. I am willing to forego the stick and 51 HP for a car that looks that great. It looks modern and fresh. If by some change the hatch had a stick, I would be happier. I am done with my GTI’s maddening infotainment system. I like the GTI design but frankly, it looks just like my other 3 GTI’s and not new

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