2025 Kia K4.

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It seems Kia is very excited about their new Kia K4 sedan, and just cannot wait to send out new teasers every day. Even though we will see the real thing in just a couple of days. And we have seen most of it for the past few days, inside and out.

Today’s teaser photo comes with a few very carefully chosen PR words: “Blending is not an option”.

Such a sophisticated bit of poetry must have taken a whole team of writers and suits weeks, or even longer, to approve every word after multiple re-writes.

The new K4 will replace the Forte in Kia’s current lineup, but my guess is that it will end up being the only Kia ICE sedan in the US after the demise of the K5 in a couple of years. As the Kia K5 and Hyundai Sonata will not be followed by a new generation. Which could explain why it looks so large in some of the photos already published.

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