Kia K4.

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Kia just released some new “official sketches” of the all-new Kia K4 sedan.

A strange move since we’ve already seen the real thing last week with a few official photos of the new K4. These sketches are the usual super exaggerated kind, where the proportions of the car are way off. Sure, all the design details are here, but this doesn’t really look like the actual K4 at all.

The inside illustrations seem much more realistic and match what we’ve already seen last week of the new K4 interior, which seems really nice for a car at the same price point as a Honda Civic. While the exterior design might not be for everyone, I think the interior will be quite popular. In general, the whole thing looks more like an ICE version of the EV4 concept than a Forte replacement. This could be a good thing for those who are fans of the EV9 look that seem to be reading through the whole Kia lineup these days.

We will see the whole thing on Wednesday and also know all about the new car. At least regarding powertrains and specs.

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