New Lincoln Corsair.

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The Chinese market version of the Lincoln Corsair is getting some very substantial changes, inside and out.

While our US model was revised a bit last year, the Chinese version is getting a totally new front end looking more like the new 2024 Lincoln Nautilus.

Inside, the Nautilus influence is also quite obvious, with a giant screen sitting on top of the whole dashboard. It’s not as huge as in the Nautilus, but much larger than what we get here. While I am not a big fan of these crazy wide screens in cars, you have to admit our North American model looks quite a bit sad. Not only the screen, but the air vents, and the shifter buttons look more upscale in the Chinese model.

With just over 24,000 sold last year in the US, the Corsair is not a huge hit in the US, which is probably a much lower number than what they sell in China. The largest market gets the largest investment…

I think the Corsair deserves a better interior than what we get there. Maybe not some crazy super wide dashboard length screen, but something better.

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  1. Make it stop! Seems like the ever-larger grill trend that we have had for over a decade has now transitioned to the inside of cars with ever-larger screens. This is ridiculous. Cadillac hit the sweet spot with the size of the screen they use in the Lyriq and upcoming CT5 refreshes. It is a large, impressive screen but not overwhelming. What we are seeing now in these updated Lincolns and a few other cars is just obnoxious and tacky.

  2. I actually drive a Lincoln. I think the upgrades are nice. I’m just not sure of the distractability of the screen although you can turn it on and off. A large face-lift was needed. I’m looking to get a suv the size of the Corsair. I hope it offers better gas miliage than the previous model and hopefully an efficient hybrid model. There hybrids only give like 3 more miles as compared to the gas models.

  3. Not true about mileage, if you drive normal, I was getting 59 mpg on 287 yesterday

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