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Among the many, many EV prototypes Nissan showed just a few days ago as part of their giant EV cavalcade presentation, there might still be hope for a sedan or two…

The top image shows what a compact/mid-sized future EV sedan from Nissan could look like. Although we have seen a few concepts from them for the past few years. Like the IMs EV sedan from 2019. (bottom pic). There has been no news on that since, 5 years ago. It was rumored to be a new EV sedan eventually replacing the Maxima. I guess not.

Last year we saw the Qe EV sedan as an Infiniti concept. Which might or might not preview a new Infiniti sedan finally replacing the aging G35. but who really knows…

A few days ago Nissan announced 30 new models before 2030. With 16 of them being “electrified”. With 7 new models for the US. And new PHEVs and Hybrid models. No word on production versions of the Qe sedan or its Nissan counterpart, which again, could replace the Maxima. There were also talks about 2 SUVs being based on the same platform as the sedans.

And yet, among all these future cars driving at night, you can see a couple of fastback sedan shapes. This means at least 2 EV sedans are still in the cards for Nissan. Who in a few years will be competing with quite a few around the world. Not only the dozens of models from local manufacturers in China but also EV sedans from VW, Tesla, and Hyundai. And a few more by the time these new Nissan models come out. Nissan has already announced new platforms, with new battery tech. Like everyone else, it seems.

While the present is a mess, Nissan’s future will be bright. So they say…

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  1. Why does everyone forget Nissan already teased the production versions of two EV sedans? You yourself posted the teaser videos… I know the teasers were from two years ago, but at the time it was said these sedans were coming in 2025 which means we should be hearing much more about these sedans very soon. Of course that’s unless Nissan completely scrapped them and has changed plans entirely….

  2. To be clear, the next generation Altima coming in 2026, will be an EV. I know we’ve heard about it being the Maxima, which will happen but the Altima will be an EV.

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