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Every once in a while, we hear from car manufacturers about their master plans for the future. Which usually involves making the world a better place and saving humanity.

This time it’s Nissan‘s turn. The last time we heard from the brand’s future plans was last November. When they had confirmed EV versions of the Nissan Qashqai, Leaf, and Juke were coming. All would be produced in England. Also confirming that from now on, all their new cars in Europe will be fully electric, and their European passenger lineup will be fully electric by 2030.

Now we have a new plan called “The Arc business plan”, which includes 30 new models worldwide between now and 2026, with 16 electrified. In Europe, where the previous plan called for all new models to be EVs, they will launch 6 new models. But only 40% of these will be EVs.

In the US, Nissan plans to introduce 7 new models by 2026. Refresh 78% of passenger vehicles for the Nissan brand and finally launch e-Power and PHEVs. With a mix of 40% EVs by 2030.

The photos above are from a video Nissan released, illustrating the new plan… As you can see, it is very hard to see any sedans in there. Maybe one or two fastbacks, one for Nissan and one for Infiniti, like previously planned? As a Nissan Maxima EV and Infiniti G35 EV replacements that have been mentioned for a while.

The first car of the coming armada of models looks like it could be the next-generation Nissan Leaf, which was supposed to be previewed by the 2021 Nissan Chill Out concept (bottom pic). In the first 2 photos, the car to the right of the Leaf seems to be the Renault 5-based next-generation Nissan Micra.

Good to see Nissan finally introducing their e-Power tech in the US. I wonder which model will be getting it first.

An easy bet is the Nissan Rogue, sold in Europe as the X-trail where the e-Power powertrain option is about $2500. Which isn’t that cheap. The European version of the Rogue is rated a 33MPG, while the e-Power version gets over 40MPG. Again, not a huge difference for the extra $2500. Although prices in Europe are usually higher than in the US. And who knows, Nissan could make the e-Power standard on some models.

So far I haven’t heard of any Nissan with a PHEV powertrain, which would be new for them. They have also mentioned their next-generation EVs will save 30% in manufacturing costs compared to the Aryia.

Nissan also mentioned that Solid States batteries are on their way to the US in 2028 with a new 3-row EV SUV model. I think this is all good news from Nissan so far.

Until the next “Business plan” comes out, that is…

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  1. As Nissan pushes to make models that cost less, get ready for All-Star levels of decontenting and material cheapening, in addition to price increases.

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