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The new ID. BUZZ GTX is basically an electric GTI Minivan. With a super cool retro design as a bonus.

What it is, is the AWD version of the regular ID.BUZZ. It will in in Europe with 2 battery sizes. Short and long wheelbase versions will be available.

The GTX is basically a sportier package with special wheels and trims. Slightly new bits here and there. Before anyone complains about the GTX not being available in the US, be aware of the US version of the ID.BUZZ will be available with the larger battery and AWD as well. We just can’t get the “probably” overpriced GTX bits.

As far as our US version, all VW is officially saying is “More details about the U.S. ID. Buzz offer will be forthcoming prior to launch later this year.” Which isn’t much. Since we’re talking about VW, I’m afraid they will make a huge pricing mistake and kill the ID.BUZZ before it even goes on sale. The Kia EV9 starts at around $ 56,000. The ID.BUZZ shouldn’t be more expensive if VW really means business. Something closer to $ 50,000 would be much better. Especially considering it will not qualify for the federal incentives, while the soon-to-be-built-in-the-US Kia EV9 will.

There is still hope, is there?

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