Xiaomi SU7 sold out.

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I mentioned the new Xiaomi SU7 EV just a couple of days ago. The all-new EV from electronic manufacturer Xiaomi had gathered an amazing 50,000 firm orders in just under 30 minutes. It has now almost 90,000 orders in just 24 hours. With a new factory that has a capacity of just about 100 000 for its 1st year. This means the new EV sedan is basically sold out for 2024.

This is not only amazing but a lesson for many. Like Sony and Honda who decided to invent (at a very high cost) an all-new brand (Afeela) to sell their electric car. While Xiaomi was not afraid to use its own well-respected name in China to market its first EV. Which will be manufactured in an all-new BAIC factory. Just like the Afeela will be built by Honda. That should be a lesson for both Honda and Sony.

Another smart move is they didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. It seems they just wanted to offer a very attractive new car with excellent specs to the millions who already own Xiaomi products in China. Which are not only phones but TV sets, laptops, electric scooters, smart watches, drones, and robotic vacuum cleaners, among other things (including fish tanks!).

They are basically the Apple of China. And what did Apple do? they tried to reinvent the wheel with tech that just doesn’t work or even exists yet. Spending over $10 billion over about 10 years, instead of just making “a car”. A great-looking EV that would have been the perfect car for the millions around the world who already own tons of Apple products. The Xiaomi SU7’s success should be a tough lesson for Apple. Although, I guess that’s too late for Apple now…

Things aren’t perfect of course. Who knows how reliable that new SU7 will be, or even how good? And of course, the BAIC company building the car is heavily backed by the Chinese Communist state. Since BAIC is actually a fully state-owned enterprise. Not a private one. Unfair? Yes. Very unfair.

But isn’t a $2.1 billion tax break to Hyundai from the state of Georgia unfair? VW getting a $1.26 Billion incentive from South Carolina to build a $2 billion new Scout factory. Is that unfair? Yes, it is. It’s all unfair. Whether these businesses are private or state-owned. They are all getting help.

With current political tensions between China and the West, we will not be seeing Chinese brands selling cars over here any time soon. The ones that do under other brands like Volvo, are already getting an extra 27.5 % tariff. Like the all-new Volvo EX30. (Just imagine how much cheaper that $ 35,000 Volvo would be).

While most people have no idea their Volvo, Buick Envista, or new Lincoln Nautilus is actually made in China, selling cars under the Xiaomi, Nio, or BYD brands would be a different story in the US. It doesn’t even matter if they were built in Mexico, Canada, or even the US. I really don’t think a Chinese brand would be successful here, at least for now.

Would anyone here consider a Chinese-made Xiaomi EV if it proves to be a good car?

Here is a short video I made after seeing the new Affela car in person. I am sure it could be a very nice car. But again, Sony and Honda together don’t need a stupid new brand like Afeela. This is just not only ridiculous but unthinkable.

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  1. Totally agree with you…Afeela?! Chinese cars? probably under an American or European brand, then people would consider it. call it political or whatever, don’t matter.

  2. Apple made the right decision. Introducing just another EV that doesn’t have anything particularly special about it (other than Apple branding) would have failed miserably and cost the company far more than what it had already invested up to them cancelling the project.

    90,000 “orders” in the world’s largest auto market is a drop in the bucket (by the way). Small change.

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