Zeekr MIX Minivan.

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After the cool-looking Zeekr X Compact crossover and the Zeekr 007 sedan, comes the Mix Minivan.

The Mix is a new compact EV minivan from the Chinese brand Geely. Since Geely also owns Volvo, the new Mix could become a new Volvo model in the near future. Something they have already done by transforming the Zeekr 009 minivan into the Volvo EM90 by just redesigning the front end.

I think we might also see a new Volvo sedan based on the Zeekr 007. Zeekr is also working, of course, on a mid-sized SUV, which will probably be the base for the upcoming Volvo EX60.

While these new models from Zeekr will probably never make it to North America, Volvo versions will as the new EX30 is coming over here from China very soon. And there is a rumor that Volvo could actually introduce the EM 90 minivan over here as well. Most most certainly in Europe.

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