2026 Toyota Starlet.

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Next-generation Toyota Starlet illustration.
1981 Toyota Starlet.

There is a weird rumor from Japan about a new generation Toyota Starlet coming out in a year or two.

The Toyota Starlet was produced from 1973 to 1999 over 5 generations. It was later replaced by the Toyota Yaris. The 2nd generation Starlet (1978 to 1984) was sold in the US.

It seems Akio Toyoda has mentioned his wish to revive the Celica and even the Starlet last year. A new Starlet would probably replace the current Yaris, at least in Japan, where the name is much more meaningful.

Of course, it seems that by 2026, a small Toyota would be an all-hybrid affair or even an EV. At least as an option.

Since the Yaris isn’t sold in the US anymore, let’s not start dreaming about seeing a new Starlet over here…

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