2025 Toyota 4Runner.

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The first two photos are the interior of the all-new 2025 Toyota 4Runner. While the bottom one is from the 2024 Toyota Tacoma.

And they seem to be exactly the same. Except the Tacoma says “Tacoma” on the dashboard, and some versions of the new 4Runner have the word “Toyota”. Since these interiors are the same, I see why you would need to have Tacoma written all over your dash just to make sure you didn’t get a 4 Runner. Since it might be impossible to tell unless you step outside.

That dashboard is quite a mess. Looking like it was designed by about 20 people who never talked to each other. And being an offroad truck with a cult following is not an excuse. The Bronco does really well off-road and it has a great-looking interior (although I’m sure Toyota’s quality is probably superior).

The 2024 Land Cruiser also has a nicer interior. And these are all based on the exact same platform. the new 4 Runner is actually a little bit longer than the new Land Cruiser. But at least the Land Cruiser looks great and not like a $39 Casio G-Shock watch.

As I mentioned earlier, the current 4Runner starts at around $ 42,000. Which is about $ 12,000 more than the Tacoma, with the exact same interior. The 2025 model will probably be closer, or even more, than $ 45,000. While that is still a lot cheaper than the technically very similar $55 000 Land Cruiser, that would be a $15 000 premium. Again, with the exact same interior…

I guess the super fans won’t care, and they will pay…

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  1. I agree 100%. Both interiors are terrible and scream cheap. What’s with the ignition button being an after thought stuck on thing next to the screen. It looks like they designed the interior at the last second. People waited so long for this? Sad!

  2. I think middle of the pact will be more like $40K Tacoma vs $45K 4Runner so more like a $5K premium. If anything it shows Tacoma got a major upgrade on the interior, I don’t think it feels out of place for the 4Runner. I honestly don’t mind the massive screen since it’s not blocking the windshield. Overall both interiors are much better than their old versions. I’m guessing too Toyota split costs for the Tacoma/4Runner while creating a new interior for the Land Cruiser.

  3. Insane prices. And on top of it, Toyota dealerships are charging crazy amounts for the so called market adjustment prices ($2K or more).
    I went to test drive a Tacoma and I wasn’t a fan of it. It drove really bumpy and the overall in a 10 miles flat test drive, with a mix of city and Hwy (60 MPH) was barely 18MPG.
    They had top of the line Crown models ($52K) with a discount of $8K. Its not selling.
    I’m not sure who’s paying those prices, not me. Dealership was almost empty on a Saturday afternoon. A salesman told me that Toyota releases a small amount of vehicles like a Tacoma of Prius. And the models they are building are the high end models or some with a bunch of accessories with crazy prices. They had a Tacoma with a screen protector added (radio) for $165, yes the same film that you can get for $5-$10. Greed.

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