Chevrolet Equinox PHEV.

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The new 2025 Chevrolet Equinox will start at $ 30,000 in the US, including destination. Which is only a few hundred dollars more than the outdated current generation. That’s a good deal.

Although it does look all-new, it is still powered by the same 1.5 Liter with a CVT in the FWD model or an 8-speed auto when you order AWD.

Chevrolet just unveiled a PHEV version of the new Equinox in China. Since GM announced its wish to sell more Hybrid and PHEV models in North America, it seems logical for the new Equinox PHEV to be sold over here sooner rather than later. And the specs are pretty impressive.

Unlike the regular Equinox with 170HP, the PHEV version produces a total of 365HP. Which actually sounds almost crazy, and even much more than the 302HP from the Toyota RAV-4 Prime. The Toyota is rated at 42 miles of EV-only range. While the Equinox PHEV is rated at 63 miles on the Chinese test cycle. EPA numbers are usually around 20% less, which would still mean around 50 miles of EV range, which is again, better than the Toyota.

I really think there is a market in the US for a 365HP Equinox with a pure EV range of 50 miles or more. I mean really, this seems to be a no-brainer.

The PHEV version is only available in the Activ and RS trim. The regular RS and Active trims for the 2025 Equinox both start at $ 34,400. Toyota charges around $8000 more for the Prime version of the RAV-4 over the Hybrid model. Such a premium over the $ 34,400 Equinox Active would make the PHEV pretty pricey starting at over $ 42,000.

The main problem would be the pricing of the PHEV being more expensive than the new Equinox EV. I’m not sure many will pay a big premium over the EV. Especially since the Equinox EV qualifies for the $7500 federal incentive. Toyota doesn’t have that problem since there is no RAV-4 EV. Unless you think of the bZ4X as an electric version of the RAV-4. Which it is in a way…

Let’s hope GM brings the Equinox PHEV over here and prices it right. Just a few thousand over the regular 1.5-liter engine would be worth it for many reasons, including the 50-mile electric range and the huge boost in power…

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  1. I’d love to see GM just come out swinging with these new hybrids. I like the idea of the Toyotas, but they always been like the bargain bin once you sit inside.

  2. The bZ4X is absolute garbage. I don’t like the RAV4, but I will choose it each and every time. I thought I was riding in a covered wagon sitting in the back of the bZ. The ride was extremely harsh for a modern day vehicle.

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