Kia EV5.

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Kia introduced the all-new Kia EV5 last year in China.

The new EV5 is built locally. (As well as in South Korea), and Kia just announced the Chinese factory will now produce the car for export to other countries.

Even though Kia has called the EV5 a global market it was exclusive to China and South Korea at first. And expanding to other markets soon after like Mexico, and Thailand.

Apparently, the company expects the Chinese factory to export the EV5 to at least 50 countries. Which makes you wonder if the US is on that map. Buyers over here have no idea if a car comes from China or not. Like the Lincoln Nautilus, Volvo EX30, or Buick Envision. This is not something US dealers will advertise…

In China, the Kia EV5 is much cheaper than the similarly sized Tesla Model Y, starting at around $ 21,000. Which is actually quite shocking. As the Tesla Model Y starts at around $ 37,000.

At about 3 inches shorter than a Tesla Model Y, the EV5 isn’t that small either. How is such a price even possible? Are they dumping these on the Chinese market at a loss? I mean, even at $35,000 here it would be a good deal…

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